BEAM 2024 Symposium
BEAM 2024 Awards Dinner
TABE 2024 Day 4
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Animal Portraits
I've had the chance to visit many different zoos and take photos of their amazing animals. From those photos, I create beautiful portraits that capture the essence of these magnificent creatures.
Capturing the beauty of the Moon and Milky Way through photography.
Composite and Trick Photography
Specializing in capturing unique and creative photographs that require one or more shots to achieve the perfect outcome.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Book Photos
These are photos I took for my capstone project. I captured various styles of pictures, including product shots, a book cover photo, and portraits, to represent each beer's social classifications and diversity descriptions.
The Mystical Arts of Tibet
I witnessed the The Mystical Arts of Tibet at the Asia Society Texas Center create a stunning mandala sand painting from start to finish, which also involved observing their opening and closing ceremonies.
Zoo Photography
Photographing various animals through out the zoos I have visited.
West Texas
The Devils Tower National Monument
The Badlands National Park
The Blue Angels
Texas Renaissance Festival
Stonehenge II - Kerrville
Space Center Houston
People of the Sun - RATM Tribute
Old Tunnel State Park
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Mission Tejas State Park
Misfits Tribute 138-Revamp
Lonestar Drift Rally
Hurricane Harvey Houston
Fort Leaton State Historic Site
Fort Davis National Historic Site
Event Photography
De Smet | South Dakota
Davis Mountain State Park
Christmas Mountains
Chacchoben Myan Ruins
Cascade Caverns
Breitling Jet Team
Brazos Bend State Park
Black Hills National Forest
Big Thicket National Forest
Big Bend Ranch State Park
Big Bend National Park
Battleship Texas
The Battleship Texas
Air Force Thunderbirds
2022 TABE Conference Day 4
2022 TABE Conference Day 3
2022 TABE Conference Day 2
2022 TABE Conference Day 1
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