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Let me take this time to discuss the purpose of this blog, introduce myself and my companion, well at least introduce myself, I will let my companion introduce herself if she would like. She tends to keep herself away from anything social media and now that I'm telling everyone she will probably stick to her guns a lot heavier now but hey.....to each his or her own.

Introducing Myself

My name is Daniel Escareno, I am currently 37 years old and a Graphic Designer / Amateur Photographer. I am a big kid at heart, which is probably a good thing for my son. I like comics, collecting toys, playing video games, movie memorabilia, art, graphic design, photography and most of all spending time with my family.

My Family

I have been with my soul mate Jeanette since high school, those of you wanting to count, we got together around October of 1993, that means we have endured each other for 21yrs. We have been through thick and thin which I believe only makes our relationship grow stronger, which leads to one of the reasons for this blog.

Quite some years ago we were trying to have kids, with no success we eventually went to see a few doctors and because of health reasons it just was not going to happen. Those of you who know us personally know why. Well, one day in April 2012 while I was doing homework for school, Jeanette comes up to me and shows me this positive pregnancy test. Of course the first thing out of my mouth was, "Is that yours?!", thinking back on that moment I wonder what the reactions of other future fathers to be would have been but we'll save that for another discussion. Jeanette gives me this funny look like "hell yeah its mine." To make a long story short she gave birth to a very healthy baby boy, Daniel Edward Escareno aka Bubba, on December 12, 2012. Our experiences with him have both been entertaining and exhausting, from the new born cries for the every 2 hour feedings to now, when he points to what he wants along with a short "mmph?" or grunt sound, haha. This again leads to another reason for this blog.

This Blog

The purpose of this blog is a mixture of a lot of things. It is a way for us to talk about our lives, experiences, artistic things that might inspire and excite my curiosity, a place to vent, rant and complain. This blog by no means will be perfect, I am not an english major so excuse my writing imperfections. Last thing I need is for the grammar nazis to be after me because I will shoot back, you can go after Jeanette instead, lol. Both of us will contribute to this blog, not all of it will be exciting but I'm sure we will post something to keep you entertained. Who knows maybe some family would like to join in on the fun. I'm still learning and teaching myself how to run this blog so if anything is ever out of whack it will only be for a short period.

On another note, this blog is attached to my portfolio website. We did not want to pay for another domain & hosting service, plus it came along with the web template. If your interested have a look at some of my work, give me your feedback if you want. My Portfolio

So stay tuned, different bat time, same bat channel.


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