Loving Hands

My son did something in the morning that warmed my heart and practically melted it. Before Jeanette and Baby D leave for the morning I usually say my goodbyes and give him my kisses for the morning. When I put him down he reached up insisting to grab my hand and started pulling and leading me towards the front door, his actions told me that he wanted me to come along but there was a slight problem, I was in my underwear, hehe. That was the first time he did that sort of thing to me, he usually points in the direction he wants us to follow him or we tell him to hold our hand and walk with him. It's strange, everyday it seems I feel his attachment to me growing stronger, of course come his teenage years he will probably hate us, LOL. But for the meantime I will enjoy this.

Photography © J. Daniel Escareno

Photography © J. Daniel Escareno

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