Food For Bubba

The Start

Early on after Bubba was learning to use his walker he would like to eat off our plates. Of course we were careful on what we gave him because he was still learning how to use his chompers and some of his teeth were still coming in. One of the first things I remember him eating was some chicken fideo soup Jeanette made and boy did he tear it up. Not only did he enjoy eating it, half his face was covered in it, lol. See the proof below, hehe. Damn that boy is adorable.

No Ordinary Kid

Most of the time he tries everything and usually ends up liking it and comes back for more. I came home one day with a left over salad that still had 3/4 of it left. I sat on the floor to watch t.v. with him and started chomping away at my salad, I didn't think he would partake in any but to my surprise he looked in my plate and pointed with his little hmph? sound, lol. He took one bite walked away and came back for more. This was a salad that had capicola, genoa salami, prosciutto, tomato, provolone, olives, italian peppers, artichoke hearts, feta cheese with italian dressing and I did not pick and choose what to give him, I made sure he tasted it all but he kept coming back for more. What 14 month old likes the taste of these things? I was like hey, Mikey likes it. So me and the bubba had a hefty salad together.


Pizza I think is in every kids vernacular. When they hear the word pizza it seems as if they go into a frenzy. Not much to my surprise the Bubba loves him some pizza. We usually order pizza for carry-out and it never crossed my mind to wonder what Daniel notices or sees when we bring home pizza. The other day Jeanette placed an order for me to pick-up on the way home. When I get to the the house I'm always greeted by a hug and that adorable face I cherish but when he sees me with a pizza box......WATCH OUT!!! He starts jumping on his tip-toes and has the biggest smile on his face from ear to ear, clapping away at the happiness that I'm carrying. As I walk in he runs to the dinner table and stands impatiently by his chair jumping up and down for us to pick him up and sit him in it. Two things make me laugh, first, he recognizes the box and knows there is pizza inside of it and secondly, he knows he sits in the chair between me and Jeanette and it's not a booster or high chair, he sits with and like the adults, lol.

Not a picky eater

Surprisingly he likes a lot of the food we feed him and rarely spits it out. Jeanette makes these scrambeled cheesy eggs that are so good and sometimes Baby D doesn't eat them so we both thought maybe he doesn't like them. But one morning Jeanette made to much and because I need the protein I tell her to save them and I will eat them in a couple of hours, I mean eggs are eggs, reheated or cold I will still eat them. When I sit down to have my second helping guess who comes up to me with his hand pointing at my food exclaiming hmph?! haha. There I am sharing my cheesy eggs saying to myself, so you do like your mommy's cooking, your just picky about when you want to eat. And just like that most of my cheesy eggs are finished.


More recently Jeanette makes this sour cream & onion dip and she ads Jalapeños to it but blends it with the dip so there is no big chunks, more for the taste than anything. Baby Daniel we find out loves him some dip too! lol! It doesn't matter if he sees us eating buffalo wings or chips, he wants him some he will come and get it. He sees us dipping and he has to have some. At first we gave him very little because we were not sure how he would handle the heat but Mikey likes it! If I'm giving him wings I usually tear the chicken off the bone to have pieces ready for him to eat when runs up to me with his hmph? sound. What tickles me is if he sees me not dip it before he opens his mouth to take the piece he points to the dip wanting me to dip the chicken in the sour cream & onion dip and then he eats it. Now it's getting to the point were he will just reach up and grab his food and dip it himself, of course his whole hand comes back up with dip but it is entertaining seeing him eat.

I don't think he will be a picky eater but you never know. We try to get him to taste everything we eat and we know he may not like all of it but we at least want him to try things. He has surprised us this far.

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