"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment."
— Claude Monet

The Emergency Room

Let me start off by saying Baby D is fine. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come because let me tell you, I put my parents through some ordeals growing up. I was constantly visiting the emergency room for something, it was so bad my moms best friend, who was not her…
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Food For Bubba

The Start Early on after Bubba was learning to use his walker he would like to eat off our plates. Of course we were careful on what we gave him because he was still learning how to use his chompers and some of his teeth were still coming in. One of the first things I…
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Baby D & Johnny Cash

It did not take long to find out that Bubba is a big fan of Johnny Cash. I love Cash's music, that old time country sound kicks ass. I never really played it in front of him but Jeanette did listen to a lot of country music during her pregnancy so that might have something…
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Baby D Laughing

Looking back at some of the pics and video I have taken of Baby D always make me smile. Especially this video where he has an adorable laugh squeal thing going, haha. I can watch this over and over. If you can stand Jeanette doing raspberries every 4 seconds, it will be entertaining. The laughing squeal happens around the 1:01 mark.

Loving Hands

My son did something in the morning that warmed my heart and practically melted it. Before Jeanette and Baby D leave for the morning I usually say my goodbyes and give him my kisses for the morning. When I put him down he reached up insisting to grab my hand and started pulling and leading…
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Tintype Portrait

Keliy Anderson-Staley | Photography © Keliy Anderson-Staley

Keliy Anderson-Staley | Photography © Keliy Anderson-Staley

I had the privilege of having a tintype portrait done by Keliy Anderson-Staley at the Houston Center for Photography. It is an old nineteenth-century collodion process that she uses to create the images. I was lucky enough for my portrait to be seleted and entered in her exhibition, who knew I would have such a beautiful face to be seen by thousands, haha. This was a very cool experience. More of her work can be seen here: Keliy Anderson_Staley

Our Blog

Let me take this time to discuss the purpose of this blog, introduce myself and my companion, well at least introduce myself, I will let my companion introduce herself if she would like. She tends to keep herself away from anything social media and now that I'm telling everyone she will probably stick to her…
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