The Emergency Room

Let me start off by saying Baby D is fine. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come because let me tell you, I put my parents through some ordeals growing up. I was constantly visiting the emergency room for something, it was so bad my moms best friend, who was not her friend at the time, suspected foul play. Every time she saw me I was bandaged up or with stitches. She tried to learn more by getting in close with my mom to only discover that her son was just plain accident prone, haha.

The Incident

Poor Baby D was running towards me to sit him at the dinner table, tripped and hit the back of his head on the dinning room chair causing more than a 1/4" laceration on the back of his head. I quickly picked him up and was trying to see where exactly he hit himself when I noticed blood on my hands. It wasn't gushing out or anything but was enough to say "Oh S%@t! Jeanette, he's bleeding!" We just said to hell with it and rushed to the emergency room. By the time we drove up he was not crying anymore but Jeanette let me out by the entrance to go in while she parked, when he saw her drive away to park he started waving to her like if she was leaving, lol. I said boy your momma is coming back, she's just parking the car. He was a little fussy in the waiting area but they quickly saw us. An hour and 3 staples to the head later we were heading back home. I don't even think my first visit to the emergency was this bad. Maybe stitches but not staples?! To top it off he just started day care that week and was trying to adjust to that. We felt bad for him and sending him back to daycare with staples was probably not a good idea, plus we didn't want to put him through that. Back to my mother-in-law he went, probably a good thing anyway because they kept calling us to see how he was doing in daycare. I think the absence does make the heart grow fonder because she volunteered quick to babysit him again.

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